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How to Switch Out of S Mode in Windows 10?

How to Switch Out of S Mode in Windows 10?

Microsoft has tried plenty of features to help compete in both the education market, and against lower cost devices like iPads and Chromebooks, and the most recent of these efforts, is also one of the most interesting. The company launched as mode back in 2017, alongside the original surface laptop, promising faster launch times, improve security on all devices. Well, the idea was good in theory, the company found that a confused most consumers and in 2018 s mode will switch to enterprise only. That means you may still run into s mode on your device if your laptop is given to you by work or school, or if you pick up a surface laptop used switching off s mode isn’t a one size fits all problem, depending on your case, it may only take a couple of clicks or be completely impossible.

If it can be done in your PC. Here’s how to do it on your S mode enabled computer, open the Settings menu.

Then hit update and security and select activation. Look for the switch to Windows 10 section of your settings menu. Depending on your PCs version of Windows. It will either mentioned windows 10 home or pro in this section, don’t select the link to upgrade your edition of Windows. Since that doesn’t turn off s mode. Inside the Microsoft Store link that opens, select the get button next to the switch out of s mode page and you’ll be out of s mode for good.

Just note that switching out of s mode is a one way ticket, you’re not going to be able to return once it’s on.

Of course, there is a chance you may not be able to leave s mode, even using these steps. If that’s true, you probably received your device from a school or business and you’re stuck in s mode, unless your administrator, lets you out.

If you think things stuck in s mode is a mistake, contact your device admin be let out. Otherwise, you’re likely in s mode to avoid being able to use specific apps or other services, and you won’t be able to remove s mode from your device.

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