How To Move Channel Apps on Roku?

How To Move Channel Apps on Roku?

In this article we are going to be showing you How to move channel apps on your Roku home screen it’s actually a relatively simple thing to do so just go over to where your channel applications are in whichever tile that you want to move that’s the one that you should hover over so let’s just say we want to move Fox Sports, so we are hovered over that one it’s outlined and then on my Roku remote.

Click the little button that looks like an asterisk or a star, and when you click on that it’s going to open up some different options for you at this point you can go and click where it says move channel.

And at this point you can move that tile wherever you want it to be on your home screen. Let’s say we want to drop it right here so then on our remote we click OK, and then it puts it right into that section so that’s how you go about moving channel application tiles on your Roku home.

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