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How to add Twitch on Roku – Easy Guide To Add

How to add Twitch on Roku – Easy Guide To Add

Need to throw together a quick update article on How to add Twitch on Roku so what you want to do is head on over to

  1. After you log in to your Roku account what you want to do is in the channel access code area, type in Twoku, and then click Add channel.
  2. And then it gives you this warning, essentially what this is is you acknowledging that you’re accessing a non-certified channel so if you’re good with that go ahead and click OK.
  3. And then it says add Twoku to your Roku account and is a free app, at least at this point in time and click where it says yes add channel.
  4. And then it says the channel to Roku has been added to your channel lineup, and it typically channels will show up automatically within 24 hours but we can speed this process along by going to settings that system and then doing a system update so We’ll walk you through those steps next alright guys so now we are over on my Roku player and to see if you have the Twoku app just go into the apps area and it should be right at the bottom of your apps page we can see that is right here in this instance now if Twoku hasn’t shown up yet you can do a system update so we go over and go down to where it says Settings, then over and down until you get to where it says system.
  5. And then over and down to system update and click OK on system update.
  6. And then you can check now for a system update and it’s going to check to see if you have any new software and it will get you up to date and at that point in time if you didn’t have Twoku before, it should have added the Twoku app so we can click OK Go back to the home screen.
  7. And then again, the new applications are going to show up towards the bottom of your apps page, and its right there.
  8. So I’m going to click OK to launch the Twoku application, and it has live channels, you can search, you can enter in your twitch ID to get a more catered experience to the channels that you follow and we’ve been using the Twoku app, and it’s a really nice option to have on Roku as an alternative since they don’t have the actual Twitch.
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