Activate your copy of Microsoft office 2013 and use the additional features of the software. Office 2013 is only compatible with the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system. If you are upgrading your windows from 7 to 8 then you will experience the newest and the better version of MS-Office 2013. In this post, we will explore how the users can activate their copy of Office 2013 with the help of Product Key.

Step by Step Guide to activate MS-office 2013

  • Once you are completed with the installation process, run any of the office applications such as word, excel, etc.
  • An activate office dialog box will appear on the screen immediately
  • Click on the “Enter a Product Key instead” option from the dialog box
  • After that enter the 25 characters Microsoft Office 2013 product key in the right format.
  • Now click on the install or continue button
  • Click on the “File Menu” and then click on the “Account” to verify that the product key is activated on not.
  • On the right side of the “Account” screen ‘Product Activated” message will appear in your product key is activated properly.
  • Now you can explore the amazing features and applications of MS-office 2013 on your system.

How to purchase Microsoft office 2013?

There are two ways to purchase Microsoft office 2013. You are advised to approach the official sources only to purchase Microsoft office 2013. The following are the various methods you can choose for purchasing the software license.

  • The first approach is to visit the official website of MS-office i.e. or From here from the list of various versions of MS-office you can select office 2013 and then purchase the subscription by completing the payment process. It is necessary to have an account on Microsoft for this method.
  • The second approach is to visit the Microsoft authorized physical store. You need to visit the store, select the product, and pay the price. Here you will get a CD/DVD along with a box and installation manual. In this method later on you will need a Microsoft account for the activation process.

Tips to consider before heading to the MS-Office 2013 activation

  • Don’t fall for the product key sold separately on a third-party platform.
  • If your product key does not work then you need to visit the official website of MS-office and then click on the “Help” button to seek assistance.
  • If the product key has damaged but is still under validity then with the help of Microsoft you can replace the product key that will have the same validity period.
  • If you lost your product key then with the valid proof of purchase you can get your old key or replace your key at your Microsoft account easily using the “Help” option.
  • Make sure during the activation process your device keeps connected with the stable internet connection to avoid any future error during activation.
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